Scalable solutions is key to closing digital divide, says Jegede of Phase3  

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Phase3 is intensifying efforts to achieve its promise of re-defining West Africa’s telecommunications landscape, Chief Executive of West Africa’s largest independent fibre optic infrastructure and telecommunications services provider, Stanley Jegede has said.

Jegede said more planned projects in the country’s south-west and north-east zones by Phase3 are developments geared towards bridging a challenging digital divide and fostering scalable solutions that will see more people and businesses enjoy global standard connectivity solutions.

In assuring newsmen of the company’s unwavering commitment; Jegede reiterated that the country’s current economic clime is not a deterrent to increasing its contributions to rising global ICT initiatives targeted at making the internet accessible to all especially in the West African sub region. As internet connectivity is credited with providing far-reaching economic and social benefits as well as changing the lives of individuals with access to it – for the better.

He added that telecom providers can also start to push back at environmental and market limitations by proffering innovative, affordable and scalable solutions that allow more of the unconnected – who also live largely on the African continent – access internet connectivity. That Africa must start to leverage the dividends of connectivity on a far higher scale than it currently does which heavily impedes earning capacity and economic growth  of individuals, institutions, industries and several other businesses thus producing low level of economic contributions on the continent in comparison to other global economies.

Jegede also affirmed that although the importance of expanding physical infrastructure to drive affordability which is the major criteria for ensuring accessibility cannot be overridden – but we must look beyond this and Phase3 is working aggressively to pull the right partnerships to offer scalable enterprise and converged service solutions that will see people especially in rural communities rapidly leverage the opportunities that the internet delivers.

He said Phase3 remains focused in tackling the sub-region’s digital divide as once fully realized; the benefits will touch multiple industries – from financial services, where lower cost of transaction will increase financial inclusion, to “education” where increased access to knowledge will have a lasting impact on the quality of education our children receive as well as “health” where people can use the internet to reduce the impact the distance from home to hospital has on health and well –being as well as the opportunity to tap into the wealth of health resources online.


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