Vericore adds WizitUp K12 to make learning exciting for kids

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By ITEdgeNews

Vericore Technologies Ltd, an IT firm currently solving problems in e-learning is officially launching its new WizitUp K12 today in Lagos. The learning app is available for download on the Google Play Store.

“This educational app for primary school kids is our contribution to a better digital learning experience for our digital natives. WizitUp K12 Learning app uses cartoons, songs and rhymes, and games to capture school curriculum lessons,” said Public Relations Officer for Vericore, Jackris Wadiri in an official statement to IT Edge News.

The WizitUp K12 app may be accessed at

The app is downloadable for free on the Play Store. The games, question bank, drawing pad and a few (5) cartoons can be accessed for free, after registration. To unlock all the remaining content, users would have to pay about $8.4 (or N3,000).

As internet presence deepens in Nigeria with over 190 million people, more education institutions are turning to educational technology to inculcate learning. Vericore is targeting the growing market for app-assisted learning in most urban centres.

The WizitUp K12 app is designed to make learning exciting and adventurous to kids via the use of cartoons. According to Wadiri: “I’d like to boast with sufficient data that we have the largest collection of cartoons in Nigeria that teach the Nigerian curriculum, but the journey is still a long one. Our goal is to deliver learning in the kid’s current digital reality. Kids love cartoons. They deter learning. Even adults prefer comedy. Who doesn’t like a little fun, yeah?”

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