Why companies prefer Netcom’s managed network services

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By Anthony Nwosu

Lagos based tech solutions and Managed Network Services (MNS) provider, Netcom Africa Limited, has solidified its footprint in Nigeria’s tech market with the deployment of top notch MNS solutions across industry verticals helping Nigeria’s increasing top notch business players to concentrate on their core business missions.

MNS allows companies to concentrate on their core businesses while it takes care of their critical ICT infrastructure. 

Since it opened shop in Nigeria, the MNS company has been offering advisory services, upgrades and maintenance of high-end technologies often deployed to help clients run a 24/7 portfolio of services to their customers.

The market is getting sophisticated and there’s increasing need for companies to focus on their core business while leaving the mission critical backend infrastructure services for Netcom, says Head, Corporate Development of Netcom Africa Limited, Charles Harrington to IT Edge News in Lagos.

BPO/ITO/HMO (business processes outsourcing/information technology outsourcing/human management outsourcing) have become commonplace features of today’s 21st century business for organisations to save cost, access robust support infrastructures and getting cutting edge advisories to even up or beat out the competition.

“Netcom has been offering cloud services for quite some time now. Everything from disaster recovery systems, virtual servers, email, collaboration, and VoIP.  Big Data allows companies to gain a competitive advantage by using analytics to extract value from their data”, Harrington who also sees increasing market for outsourcing and geometric growth for Netcom in Nigeria as the local market reflects the widening dynamics of convergence across industries and pressure on companies to leverage converged technologies, save costs and meet customers’ growing complex needs.

With a global compliant quality of service (QoS) and SLA agreements, organisations can feel at ease with Netcom’s network and advisory services. Implementing managed network services from Netcom has reduced drastically the operational, maintenance, service, hardware, software, and infrastructure costs of many of their clients.  

Charles Harrington
Charles Harrington

One critical factor that most companies encounter is the high cost of maintaining and upgrading their critical IT infrastructure, in a fast paced world where upgrades, phase outs with innovation is common place. With Netcom’s managed service, companies would have access to top notch advisory services and the cost of these upgrades are shouldered by Netcom.

“We continuously invest in making our products better and creating new services for our subscribers.  Netcom is focusing on delivering more value added services such as intelligent building solutions, IT infrastructure management and more cloud-based solutions like cloud-based telephony and collaboration systems”,  says  Head of Operations at Netcom Africa Limited, Micheal Kenjie Nukui.

According to reports by Melissa Coen “46% of organizations that use managed service providers for some or all of their IT needs say that they have reduced their annual IT budgets by at least 25% as a result of adopting managed services”. 

The importance of outsourcing of IT services to efficient IT firms reduces costs and improves productivity of most organisations.  

With Netcom’s Managed network Services, firms will have a complete access to high-speed, high-quality MPLS backbone across a variety of internet connections. 

Most times recruiting and training of some IT staff can be very expensive in a country like Nigeria where there is a dearth of competent skills. The result is that employees don’t always live up to organisations’ expectations. Netcom’s MNS outsourcing allows most firms focus on other human resources where they are needed except IT department. Having this in mind, as technologies evolve, Netcom as an organization quickly implements them without the organizations bearing the cost of implementation.  


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