CELLCORE launches AI solution to enhance online-gaming experience in Nigeria

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By Oluwatobi Opusunju

CELLCORE Ltd, an IT firm based in Ibadan has launched an artificial intelligence (AI) solution to enhance the gaming experience of Nigerians online. Dubbed, “LOTTOBOT”, it’s a ChatBot technology that automates the playing of lotto games via Facebook Messenger and it’s coming as part of plans to celebrate the company’s 10 years anniversary.

LOTTOBOT allows gamers to play lotto games by merely chatting with a bot, thereby presenting a convenient, relaxed process and experience of playing lotto without having to leave your zone. With this ChatBot, anyone can play lotto games directly via their Facebook Messenger, get direct updates of results and get prize winnings credited directly to their Messenger LOTTOBOT account.

The Chief Executive Officer of CELLCORE Ltd, Mike Nwaogu while speaking about the new solution said “we have made gaming simpler and easy. Facebook’s Messenger and other chat applications launched CHAT BOTS, and it was the cue we needed to integrate the new AI technology buzz into their gaming experience. Instead of having to go back and forth, logging out of their Facebook accounts and websites, and then visiting their gaming portal of choice, they can simply access it via our Facebook’s Messenger CHAT BOT.”

He added that the company was “at the forefront of deploying artificial intelligence into the gaming industry not only in Nigeria but Africa. We have been in this industry for almost a decade and we are using this solution to celebrate a landmark.”

Key features of LOTTOBOT include the ability for gamers to subscribe to receive automated updates of results via their Messenger inbox; known as Cash Out as winners get notified immediately by the Bot when they win.

Also, users’ LOTTOBOT accounts are credited with a prize immediately they win a game. The players, can also check the balance of their winnings on the Bot or cash out their winnings through a simple process; either by having the cash withdrawn at an ATM or transferred to their bank account.

“The intelligent LOTTOBOT is trained to guide players to play and submit available lotto games of partner lotto companies hosted on the platform, including soccer betting and soccer pools from select countries and leagues from around the world” remarked Gideon.

LOTTOBOT is also trained to address some questions and challenges players may have while interfacing with it. For ease of play, LOTTOBOT is built to accept the Universal token PINs which can be used to play lotto games on the platform of select lotto game service providers across Nigeria. The PINs can be purchased online via the BOT or from agents on the street.


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