Phase3 canvasses for deployment of smart ICT infrastructures

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Phase3 Telecom has advocated for the adoption of network solutions that ride on smart services to deepen deployment of high grade smart ICT infrastructure across Nigeria.

Touted as West Africa’s largest independent fibre optic infrastructure and telecommunications services provider, Phase3 said in a formal statement that government and private sector players have a common duty to pay greater attention to connecting the unconnected to ICT platform as a means of fast tracking Nigeria’s 30 percent broadband target before the year end.

“It is imperative for policy network solutions that ride on smart services for economic advancement and better quality of life for Nigerians is just as imperative as the policy action needed to give greater attention to connecting the unconnected,” said Director of Legal and Regulatory Services, Mr. Adebayo Azeez.

Speaking at the 10th NigeriaCom conference in Lagos, Azeez said stakeholders in the industry must jointly address some of the challenges in the sector including multiple taxation and Right of Ways (RoWs) charges.

Government has continuous role to ensure “quicker and future-focused policy decisions to induce investments and deployment of innovative solutions by ICT companies.

Azeez assured that Phase3 remained committed to rolling out broadband infrastructure that will help grow Nigeria’s economy.

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