opens in Lagos to improve cattle trading

Share this story, an online a one-stop shop for livestock dealers, buyers and other parties in the livestock industry have been launched in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital of over 18 million people.

The platform is connecting livestock dealers to a portfolio of stakeholders in the industry including  buyers, ranchers, veterinary doctors, vet stores, butcheries/abattoirs, haulage, logistics companies and financial services providers  in a way that provides ease of doing the livestock business across every vertical of the industry.

“We are trying to resolve every challenge in this sector and bring everyone  in the business closer so they issues can be resolve faster and healthier livestock will find their way to consumers,” said Chief Executive Officer of,  Ibrahim Maigari.

Maigari said he was inspired by the need to fill the gaps and make the industry better for every stakeholder.

The platform will transform the livestock business, said Maigari. will mitigate the spread of zoonotic diseases with the listing of only fit-for-slaughter and traceable livestock on the platform to address on the challenge posed by a World Organisation of Animal Health Countries (OIE) report  that 60 per cent of existing human infectious diseases were transmitted from animals.

Maigari also believes the platform will further encourage the private sector to participate in the production and structuring of livestock market in Nigeria which for now is largely primitive.

He considers an intervention at both modernising an industry that impact on over 90% of Nigerians as well as ensuring only healthy livestock enters the market.

Integrity and patronage will build overtime, said Maigari; once people begin to see the value proposition and how it improves their business.


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