NIPOST rules against 30 courier companies, revokes licences

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The Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) has revoked licences of 30 courier companies through its Courier Regulatory Department (RD). The department has regulatory oversight functions over all courier companies in the country.

The licences of the companies were revoked because the operators were not complying with the rules and regulations governing courier services, said CRD General Manager of the CRD, Dr. Ishaya Diwa during the media meet.

“For the past two years, the CRD of NIPOST has consistently been trying to sanitise the courier industry with its continuous events, such as clamping down on companies.

“We need our courier operators in the country to work with the best standards, as courier business is a worldwide business and any form of infringement will tell bad for the country.

“This revocation is also a means of making the environment conducive and worthwhile for operators to thrive,’’ he said.

Majority of the operators whose licenses were revoked are based in Lagos.

Diwa said many had their licenses revoked due to non-renewal of the licences up to three years. Others were revoked because the operators’ activities were engaged in activities deemed offensive under the rules and regulations of NIPOST.

Operators may have their licences restored they adhere to the rules and regulations of NIPOST and pay the backlog of the penalty.

“The operators’ renewal fees in the country are about the cheapest in the world at N350, 000 per annum. It is just that our people like cutting corners and that is not good for business,’’ said Diwa.

He said “the department has always been relaxed in enforcing rules, but, unfortunately, Nigerians like to take advantage of things with impunity.

“It is good to have a small and neat courier business in the country than having the proliferation of services.

“Presently, we have 108 courier companies that are healthy and financially stable, unlike when they were 300.

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