Trefoil Networks unwraps OurTV on NigComSat 1R

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NigComSat has announced partnership with Trefoil Networks to unwrap the OurTV satellite payTV brand designed to mainly promote local content programming.

The partners unveiled the new service this week in Abuja to begin a nationwide sale of OurTV decoders.

OurTV is a Direct to Home (DTH) TV broadcast satellite service with a one-time payment for set top boxes. It requires no monthly subscription; a competition edge that might play against existing competitors.

According to its promoters “OurTV is the first and only H265 DTH platform in Africa with over 18 unique and exciting channels. Protected by Verimatrix VCAS.”

OurTV is a hybrid platform that offers completely free-to-view channels with no monthly subscription, PVR and IP capability to watch Youtube and other Over-the-top (OTT) services.

“We started our first transmission in 2015 but today, Trefoil Networks is flagging off sales of OurTV decoders nationwide,” said Head of TV, Trefoil Networks Limited, Miss Braide Sayaba.

“OurTV is the first and only H265 DTH Satellite TV in Africa with 18 exciting channels,” she added.

According to the Managing Director of NigComSat, Mrs Abimbola Alale, everything about OurTV is totally Nigerian – from the satellite distribution service to the local manufacturing of the set up boxes and local programming content.

“We have available capacity on C-band, Ku-band and Ka-band for transponder lease, capacity on demand, satellite broadband, DTH services and others,” said. Alale. She was represented by the General Manager, Corporate Affairs Directorate, Mr Adamu Idris.

The Managing Director of Trefoil Networks, Mr Onochie Amasiani said the new satellite TV is a hybrid platform that offers completely Free-to-View channels with no monthly subscription, PVF and IP to watch YouTube and other Over-the-Air.

His words: “We started the journey some years back and has culminated into what we are all proud of and to be associated with it.

“We know there are various players in the market but OurTV has a unique value proposition, which every Nigerian, home, family and business will be proud to associate with.

“Every Nigerian home will ask for OurTV for entertainment, relaxation, news, education, kids, and for everything you value from Television.”

OurTV is a division of Trefoil Networks Limited licensed by the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) and the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) to provide a mix of services including ICT, broadcast, network and internet solutions.

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