Microsoft opens Office 2010 to enhance business productivity

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Microsoft opens Office 2010 to enhance business productivity
By Ego Alajemba

Software giant Microsoft will pull the wraps off its Office 2010 version with SharePoint 2010by year end to expand the window for best experience for users of its operating system (OS). They are key components of the Business Productivity Infrastructure (BPI) of the company and underscore its ability to integrate the two powerful products Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 as a single unit to optimize value for users.

In 2007, Microsoft launched Office 2007 which added more features to Office 2003 and makes it easier to use. While it got to many people who were astonished with the looks, ease and efficiency of the version, some only got to know of it just recently and many are yet to experience it.

While the market waits to experience the new solution, Microsoft in Nigeria opened access to selected journalists through a two day training programme designed to equip the news merchants with workplace tools to improve their professional delivery. The training is part of the overall objectives by the computer company to bring ease of work various professionals as they seek to achieve their goals.
Journalists were trained on the use of the new version. The trainer Mr. Marc Israel who is Microsoft’s Information Worker Business Group Lead, representing West, East and Central Africa carried out a one-hour comprehensive lecture on Office 2010 usage at Microsoft office in Lagos.

According to Marc Israel, Office 2010 is coming with various captivating features which will give live to one’s work. He further stated that Office 2010 is user friendly and could be used for Aggressive Digital Marketing, on Facebook or other social networks, to market and increase downloads, getting things done faster and easier; access work across devices and platform; and create powerful data insights and visuals.

He gave differences between 2010 version and other versions as the use of Microsoft Office Web Apps which accept all MS Office in web browser; Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 which will enable you to stay current and respond quickly using enhanced mobile version of Office 2010 applications, specifically suited to your windows Mobile-based Smartphone, Free Version of the Office customized in PCs before purchase.

Israel could not give an accurate number of Office users in Nigeria but said the country would have been the greatest user in Africa but on average, 80% of Nigerian users of MS Office use pirated copies. He blamed the piracy scourge for the high cases of computer viruses in Nigeria. . With their new technology advancement, Microsoft has classified their work and rated them by versions as follows, Office 2000 is fair, Office 2003 is good, Office 2007 is better and Office2010 is best.

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