InnJoo commends IT Edge News for professionalism

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By Anthony Nwosu

Social media makes everyone online a reporter and deepens the idea of citizen journalism. But not without some side effects as objective and factual journalism has diminished. News may be fiction or faction making the business of accurate information dissemination both difficult and complex.

But core facts sharing with objectivity is not on vacation at many media outlets which still thrive on the original ethics of news delivery guided by facts.

IT Edge News was recently commended and specially recognised by InnJoo, a leading OEM in mobility devices in Nigeria and other parts of Africa for its continuous professional delivery of ICT news analyses.  Innjoo expressed the recognition during a work-visit by officials of KMI – Knowhow Media & Market Intelligence International Limited (publishers of IT Edge News) to InnJoo in Lagos.

Marketing Executive, InnJoo Mobile, Ike Martins, presenting the recognition award, on behalf of the device maker said “We are glad to be associated with IT Edge News and we have seen objective reporting in your platform, especially in the area of product reviews and sector’s assessment. We hope that this tempo will be sustained”.

In support of the professionalism exhibited by IT Edge News, Rakesh Rocque, Country Manager of InnJoo, has this to say: “ InnJoo is a device maker that supports quality and sustainability.  As it pertains to our devices and products, we are acknowledging the strides that IT Edge News has made in the area of ICT reporting and as a company in Nigeria, we are poised to support them in their quest for professional news reportage, which is going into extinction because of  new media” he added.

Dearth of professionalism has affected almost all the sectors and the media isn’t an exception. With software and automation doing the works that humans used to do, work volume has increased but work ethics and quality have diminished. Today, software, AI (artificial intelligence)  and other non human tools do jobs once preserved for humans whether medicine, teaching, security and journalism.  But it is not AI that has eroded ethics or quality but the ability of technology to make many highly specialized sectors to be increasingly all-comers affairs. Now, even butchers with no medical skill may claim to be surgeons.

‘‘We are thrilled over this recognition. IT Edge News is focused on delivering unbiased news and information that help our readers make an informed decision on the sector. IT Edge News has always been at the forefront of professional news dissemination and we will not rest on our oars”,   said senior manager at KMI and Tech-Mart Reporter/Analyst for IT Edge News Anthony Nwosu, while receiving the award on behalf of KMI.


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