APO, Africa Tech Now to strengthen Africa’s visibility as next Digital hub at CES

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African delegations and Start-ups interested in the event can register via the website. For more information on Africa Tech Now at CES: www.AfricaTechNow.com or http://APO.af/5qYfxq.

From January 9-12, over 170,000 technology aficionados including start-ups, key tech influencers, industry leaders and government officials will converge at the technology and innovation mecca in Las Vegas – the Consumers Electronic Show – CES 2018

The leader in media relations in Africa and Middle East, APO Group (www.APO-opa.com), and the Africa Tech Now (www.AfricaTechNow.com) organizers, International Boost, have announced the signing of a strategic partnership aimed at giving large-scale visibility to the rising stars of African tech and delegations participating in Consumers Electronic Show – CES 2018.

The collaboration will allow African tech and delegations participating in CES 2018 to discover the latest innovations and connect with high-level investors, strategic partners and potential buyers.

For the first time, the African tech world will take centre stage at the four-day event courtesy of Africa Tech Now. Unique in this kind, this Africa-centric innovation expo will shed light on the continent’s accelerator programmes and start-up communities. Throughout the event, local techies will be given the opportunity to present their Africa-oriented products and services to a global audience and showcase their creative ideas aimed at fuelling development and growth.

“There are more than 300 innovation and tech hotspots in Africa and a huge reservoir of tech-savvy talents but the lack of market awareness limits their ability to take off. When we thought up Africa Tech Now, we wanted to create a unique environment conducive to the promotion of local champions and exchanges to facilitate business development” said Christian Pineau, CEO of International Boost.

As part of the partnership between International Boost and APO Group, the consulting firm will act as a loudspeaker, using its media relations expertise to provide greater international exposure to Africa’s digital sector and local tech entrepreneurs. “We are excited to be collaborating with APO Group. With their advanced service portfolio and technologies tailored for Africa, they are the ideal partner to help us raise the profiles of Africa Tech Now participants and support them in earning the recognition they deserve” stated Christian Pineau.

“Although 77 African start-ups raised an impressive $366.8m in investment last year*, there is still a plethora of future ‘Steve Jobs’ and ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ looking for financial support to see their dream come true. It gives us pride to be part of the Africa Tech Now initiative; to actively contribute to propelling young driven entrepreneurs to stardom. With International Boost, we share the same vision of bringing to the fore Africa’s Innovation Revolution. As the media relations expert in Africa, it is our duty to convey the information and allow African delegations to increase their presence on the international stage” said Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard, Founder and CEO of APO Group.

In addition to being supported by APO Group, International Boost recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with SMART Africa  Alliance and received the full support of Rwanda Development Board (RDB). The event will benefit from the presence of prominent guests such as the Minister of Communication Technologies and Digital Economy, Mr. Anouar Maarouf who will accompany the national start-ups including Speedair Technology and HIC Chair. Senegal will be represented by the start-ups Orbus-sign and VR360. The EdTech start-up Labes-Key, Calculus and emart.cd will be part of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s delegation. Local and regional incubators are expected in large number.

Delegations participation & Start-ups Selection: African delegations and Start-ups interested in the event can register via the website. For more information on Africa Tech Now at CES: www.AfricaTechNow.com or http://APO.af/5qYfxq.


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