mCoin debuts for cryptocurrency outside of  Internet Domain

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Nigerians get ready for this! The first inclusive cryptocurrency accessible outside the domain of the internet mCoin  has been launched. It is powered by ONEm’s Global and scalable Platform, which has the ability to reach billions of people around the world even through traditional mobile without the internet.

mCoin, is the first cryptocurrency accessible on any mobile device. mCoin is a unique first of a kind inclusive cryptocurrency, that makes it possible for the three  billion people around the world who don’t have access to the internet to take advantage of new kinds of services tied to blockchain technology.

In Nigeria where cryptocurrency is spreading fast despite regulators’ warning and low internet penetration, mCoin should grow fast in acceptance and spread.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, people will have the ability to trade mCoin securely through their SMS based virtual wallets which is not connected to the Internet. Users will be able to earn mCoins through “Pseudo-Mining” which is a type of “Proof of Work” based on meaningful activities. mCoin is bringing together a community of people outside the domain of the Internet who for the first time will be able to participate in sharing information that will have positive social and economical impact.

Millions of small businesses around the world will have access to mCoin through ONEm’s Sweb for Business, Market Place, mCatalogue and many social applications that use SMS and/or the Internet.

ONEm’s powerful ecosystem can be harnessed by Governments and Organizations to provide valuable services for their citizens who don’t have access to the internet, and in the same vein make use of mCoin’s underlying SMS accessible blockchain technology.

“It is exciting to see so many people who share in our vision for an inclusive Cryptocurrency outside of the domain of the Internet. People from all over the world are participating in mCoin Pre ICO and taking advantage of the attractive bonus packages now available as they see tremendous high growth potential of a cryptocurrency that can reach this very big un-tapped market” said Christopher Richardson, CEO of ONEm.

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