7 technology trends which will influence the future of business

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Though we are still in the first quarter of 2018, we can strongly presume that the year is going to be the year of futuristic technologies. The technology trends in 2018 which we have noticed till now, exhibits strong vibes about the upcoming technological explosion. The global practice of jaw-dropping futuristic technologies like AR, VR, Gamification, IoT, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Big data is on the card and the world would definitely be a different and better place to live in. Come, let’s have a closer look at some of these technologies coming your way in a colossal shape in this running year.

AR or Augmented Reality

is a one of a technology which you will come across in 2018. It is basically a new form of viewing of objects under the blue sky which have its elements “augmented” by an advanced computer system. If you haven’t yet heard about AR, then let me tell you that it is going to change the world and how! From Google Glass to Pokemon Go (which got downloaded by millions of people within the very first week of getting launched) , the world has seen people enjoy the way AR has influenced the world of entertainment. While social media platforms are incorporating Augmented Reality in the best possible ways, the recent launch of Apple AR kit is also quite talked about.


VR or Virtual Reality

is a computer-based recreation of a real-life situation which appears to be livelier than the original incident. A leading digital agency in USA claims that virtual reality is the gateway between mankind and the future which he always dream of. So, your colleague has been boasting about this wonderful VR Headset he bought last month, and you cannot really understand why! Well, you wouldn’t be able to, until and unless you experience the same. Highly trending since 2017, the most popular ones include Goggle cardboards, HTC vive, Oculus Rift, Playstation, etc. This too, has taken the gaming experience, a few notches higher.



is another modern scientific concept which justifies the high flying technology trends in 2018. It is a new age concept where gaming elements are introduced on non-gaming platforms and situations to derive organizational productivity and crowd-sourcing. Gamification is another technological advancement that people are going gaga about! It’s surprising benefits include:

  • It makes e-learning absolutely fun!
  • It improves knowledge absorption as well as retention.
  • Highly useful and effective for marketing.

IoT or Internet of Things

can be easily termed of as an over the top technology which allows any gadgets, devices and tangible electronic and motorized objects to connect themselves with each other and on valid permission can share data. Most of the digital agency in USA which you come across are going head over heels to make this concept a revolutionary success.


Artificial Intelligence

can be referred to the intelligence exhibited by devices and gadgets. Machines are programmed to think on its own and this historical technological step would be surely a thing to watch out for in the near future.

Big Data

stands for a galactic cauldron filled with data which are mammoth in size. The existing data processing application software is basically incapable of running them due to its complexity. Thus new data sets need to be introduced which are capable of handling the new data sets. The name of this technology justifies the concept itself.


is a serious one among the technology trends in 2018, and has various kinds of benefits behind it. It is mainly known as a digital ledger which will chronologically arrange/record the transactions made in bitcoin (or in any other cryptocurrency)! Isn’t that great? And if you are wondering about it’s benefits, then they are:

  • Great transparency
  • Decentralization
  • Reduced costs and
  • Faster transaction settlement

In the above section, you became familiar with some of the stunning technological concepts which would rock the world of science and technology in 2018. Its high time that the human race gets upgraded to something new and which was beyond the scope of their imagination for all these years. There are more of alike technologies about which you know about from the web. Though we humans have always complained about the drawbacks and adverse effects of science and technology in the past, the worldwide practice of these new concepts would definitely draw curtains on many of such grievance.


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