Nigeria launches Hawk Eye Global Crime Reporting System to fight crime

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  • Download Hawk Eye Global Crime Reporting System in Google Play and iTunes Store for free today and join the police to fight crime.

The Hawk Eye Global Crime Reporting System is now available Abuja, Nigeria’s administrative capital and Lagos, commercial nerve centre of about 21 million people.

The Hawk Eye Global Crime Reporting System allows residents in the two cities to report crime and other incidents to law enforcement in a way that should effectively reduce crimes in two of Nigeria’s most visited cities. The report could be done anonymously via the Hawk Eye Global Crime Reporting System on mobile phones  to allow citizens engage law enforcement agents in real-time against crime.

The Hawk Eye app is managed in Nigeria by Web Assets Nigeria Limited which is collaborating with the Nigerian police to further launch the services in other major urban centres across Nigeria’s 36 states within a year.

Nigeria Police Partners Microsoft, Others Launch Crime Reporting App – Hawk Eye

For many security experts, the Hawk Eye app offers a new vista for the Nigerian police to deepen its engagement of citizens in fighting crime and also widen tech application within the force in crime control and management.

Nigeria police force is held in disdain by a large number of Nigerians. Despite efforts by authorities to work on police public image and acceptance by Nigerians, the force is still considered as an institution to be viewed from afar. The Hawk Eye app may not only improve crime management but also police-community relations.

How Hawk Eye app works

“Hawk Eye Global Crime Report provides an App that would allow citizens to anonymously report crimes from their mobile phone using voice, video and images. The System also offers an enterprise system with Patrol vehicle monitoring, Dispatching, Reports, Business Intelligence and Analytics.

“Patrol Vehicles are equipped with handheld Mobile Device Terminal and iPolice application which allow officers to locate crime scene quickly, conduct facial recognition search on suspects, make arrests, gather statements from suspects, witnesses and complainants as well as gather digital evidence from the field.”

Hawk Eye crime reporter is available in English and Native languages. Free download in Google play and iTunes store are already available.

“We have deployed solar powered Command and Control Centers at Force HQ, Lagos and FCT Command, trained more than 600 officers, 113 DPO’s and supplied mobile device terminals for patrol vehicles in both commands, our goal is to deploy to all the other states over the next 12 months” said MD/COO Web Assets Nig., Umar Mustapha.

The system, which was developed by US based technology company, BBGN&K LLC was donated to the police by web Assets Nigeria Limited and is maintained under a public private partnership agreement by the company.

“We have to do what we can to help, we have social responsibility as businesses, to our communities to help fight this engulfing criminality that is all around us” said Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Web Asset Nigeria Limited, Kayode Aladesuyi.


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