launches new apps to enhance Nigeria’s digital inclusion

Share this story has announced its latest digital product: Human Rights Support System (HRSS) and Gigs Hub, a service and freelance marketplace. is Nigeria’s first digital ecosystem founded by ItopaKing David.

The hub borrows its metaphor from nature and organic systems to create a sustainable platform to help promote Nigeria’s digital future, said David in Abuja. has previously launched products used in business, entertainment and learning.

An app to fight human rights abuses

HRSS is created by the team to address the increasing need for the report, record and tracking of human rights related crimes. Nigeria’s foremost human rights non-governmental organisation (NGO), Citizens Advocacy for Social & Economic Rights (CASER) has already signed up as the first launch service provider for submitted reports. HRSS is a simple platform that allows users with a account (or can create one) to submit report of all human rights violation throughout the country. The easy steps available guides user on how to create, select a category, fill in details and also attach files if necessary before submitting a report. Submitted report would be followed up by the NGO attending to the report and give response due to the submitted report so the user is updated on the process. Citizens can create as many reports as need be.

“CASER has been an active player in the fight for human rights since founded till date. The collaboration of the two socially involved entities should bring succour for Nigerians seeking to address rights abuses. By adopting new product, paper works for human rights related incidences can be cut down by 80% thereby increasing the efficiency of processing incidences. The service will also provide easy access to data bases of human rights crimes and incidences.

“We are also calling on NGOs throughout the country interested to use HRSS to send their request by mailing,” added David.

A marketplace for freelancers  

The Gigs hub is a service marketplace for freelancers of all class. The service was created to provide new opportunities for users with creative skillset that can market their service online within stipulated period of time and deliver to client an excellent job.

Gigs hubs works with a credit system for security and transparency between clients and freelancers on the system. Freelancers registered on the system can create a micro-job with details on what service they will offer within a set time and price, on the other hand clients can search for services offered by freelancers and select their choice from the search result. The category of freelance service offered ranges from design and creativity down to admin support, and customer service among others.

“ is a new frontier for complete digital inclusion in Nigeria. We have also made available an all-in-one application for android users, available on Playstore to access every service using one synchronised ID throughout the ecosystem. We will continue to disrupt with new services as it is our goal to achieve a 100 per cent inclusion in all sectors and services that pertain to achieving the good life and a serene community,” said David.

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