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By Vasilii Chekalov

Today’s society and especially the companies are dependent on modern technology which creates breakthroughs on a daily basis. Defined as offences committed against individuals or groups, cybercrimes use telecommunication networks to cause harm or loss to the victim, and have become one of the greatest threat in these modern times. Without a basic antivirus software, anyone can be a potential target for a cyber attack that can even end up in the theft of personal information.

Antivirus alone is hardly enough, though, as many security breaches happen because of human carelessness. Organizing a cyber security awareness training for your employees is always a good idea.

Making frauds, stealing identities, scams, spam are just some of the forms in which cybercrimes take place. The total damage on the global economy costs around 4 billion dollars and is expected that it will rise to an astonishing 6 trillion dollars by 2021.

The 10 biggest data breaches of the 21st century so far, in which millions of accounts were hacked, include major companies like Yahoo, TJX Companies Inc., Sony PlayStation Network, eBay, Target Stores, Adult Friend Finder, Equifax and many more.

There were many cybercrimes done in 2017 and created a list of the top ones.

  • 200K+ computers in 150 countries were affected by the WannaCry malware.
  • 5K+ machines in 64 countries faced the threat of Petya ransomware.
  • WikiLeaks published a data trove containing 8.761 documents stolen from the CIA.
  • Chris Vickery discovered a publicly accessible database with personal information from 198M USA voters.
  • 2 days before France’s presidential runoff, hackers dumped a 9GB trove of leaked emails from the party of Emmanuel Macron

There are multiple ways that private users can secure themselves such as using strong passwords, making sure the devices have security features and in case of an attack, seek help from private investigators. To know more check the infographic below.

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