Enterprise customers stand to gain from growing telco AI adoption, says GlobalData

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In response to the findings from GlobalData’s 2018 Global IT Customer Insight survey, which reveal that telco adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to increase during the next few years, Rena Bhattacharyya, Technology Research Director at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers her view on the benefits of AI adoption by telecom service providers:

“AI has the potential to profoundly impact the way companies conduct business, and telecom service providers are no exception. From an internal perspective, it can be used to improve network management, operations, security and customer support.  Operators can also use AI to add new features to existing products, or to bring entirely new solutions to market.

“All of this benefits enterprise customers. Service providers can use the lessons they learned with AI to help customers make the most of the new capabilities.”

Results from GlobalData’s 2018 Global IT Customer Insight survey suggest that telco adoption of AI is poised to increase during the next few years. Of the 181 telecom operators surveyed in 2018, 55% have already prioritized chatbots, machine learning and deep learning, yet over the next two years this number is expected to grow to 75%.

“The market is still in nascent stage. Only a select few telecom service providers have clearly and cohesively outlined how they are using AI to transform their business customers’ experience. This is expected to change as more and more operators embrace the technology. Enterprises should expect to hear more from their service providers on how they are using AI. If not, they should wonder why, since the technology’s benefits will trickle down to the services they experience”

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