Signal Alliance, Cisco engage organisations on how to maximise technology investments

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Signal Alliance (SA) in collaboration with Cisco recently organised a workshop on how organisations can maximise their existing technology investments through the Cisco Lifecyle Advisor (LCA) programme.

This Cisco LCA partnership enables SA to expand its relationships with customers in order for them to make the most of their IT investments through simplified processes and proven methodologies.

Yinka Ntia, SA Director of Technology & Business Development, says “In a study carried out by Cisco, they found that as many as 68% of System integrators aren’t tracking because the solutions they are selling are not delivering the customer’s preferred business outcomes. That is where a Cisco Lifecycle Advisor like Signal Alliance comes in to ensure improve benefits for Customer Success.”

Yinka Adeosun, SA Lead Infrastructure Management & Solution Architect, demonstrated how organisations can achieve increase business outcomes in the following areas such as; an increase in technology value and return on investment, thereby gaining competitive advantage by improving total cost of ownership, business agility and technology availability. Also, an improvement in network performance, operational performance and readiness, thereby demonstrating Signal Alliance’s commitment to your business objectives.

Boma Okwosa, SA Head Partnership & Program says, “The session provided a walk through the program roadmap to highlight SA value proposition and the inherent benefits to participants business.”

Signal Alliance is the 1st African Cisco Lifecycle Advisor outside South Africa, an exclusive group of partners across the globe approved by Cisco. A role by invitation only, the Cisco Lifecycle Advisor designation recognizes Signal Alliance as having the expertise to not only sell Cisco solutions and services, but also help businesses fully adopt their technology investment and maximize the benefits of the solution.

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