Pinnacle Broadcasts assures on Digital Switch Over

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A major player in the implementation of the Digital Switch Over (DSO) from analogue television broadcasts in Nigeria has expressed confidence that the “transition to the digital era is very near”.

Sir Lucky Omoluwa, chairman of Pinnacle Broadcasts, the only licensed private signal distributor for the DSO in Nigeria, boosted public optimism on the successful implementation of the project by the Federal Government in a statement in Abuja, saying he was encouraged by the drive of the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) to achieve digital broadcasting in Nigeria which, as the most populous country, will beam the light to the entire continent.

While urging all stakeholders in the broadcast industry to “embrace this reality”, Omoluwa highlighted content owners as “kings of the digital era” who should maximize the unprecedented multiplicity of channels and high quality signals offered by the DSO.

The Chairman of Pinnacle Broadcasts also described the success of the 12th Biennial Conference of Africa Broadcasters recently held in Abuja as a success for Nigeria’s march into the digital era in broadcasting, emphasizing that the social, political and economic arena in the country will never be the same again with the attendant growth, employment and prosperity.

He remarked that without any doubt broadcasting the digital era will achieve its purpose.

Pinnacle Broadcasts powered the national launch of the DSO in Nigeria in December 2016 from its state-of-the-art digital signal distribution complex in Abuja. It established the Kaduna Broadcast Centre commissioned last year and is at advanced stage in the Gombe Centre.

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