ITU prepares for World Radiocommunication Conference 2019

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The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is gearing up for one of its most important meetings in 2019: The World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-19), to be held in Sharm el-Sheikh from 28 October to 22 November 2019.

World Radiocommunication Conferences, held every three to four years, are mandated to review and, where necessary, revise the ITU Radio Regulations, the international treaty governing the use of the radio-frequency spectrum as well as satellite orbits.

At WRC-19, ITU’s 193 Member States will discuss a range of issues, such as the allocation of new frequency bands for 5G (IMT-2020), high-altitude platform stations (HAPS), regulatory actions to support the use of new and enhanced technologies in satellite applications, maritime and aeronautical services, as well as for intelligent transport systems.

To help prepare for the forthcoming WRC-19 the 2nd session of the Conference Preparatory Meeting (CPM19-2) has been meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, from 18 to 28 February to collate the technical studies related to each WRC-19 agenda item and clarify the various options for WRC-19 to consider.

WHAT: Main issues for consideration at the World Radiocommunication Conference 2019.

WHEN: 28 February 2019, 13:00 – 13:45 (CET)

WHERE: Centre International de Conférence de Genève (CICG), Room 18, Rue Varembé, Geneva, CH-1211, Switzerland. Remote participation is available. Click below for information.

WHY: ITU’s 193 Member States and private sector members have concluded the preparatory studies on the regulatory, technical, operational and procedural aspects of all the topics and issues on the agenda of the ITU World Radio Communication Conference (WRC-19), Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, 28 October -22 November 2019.

This information will facilitate the preparation of proposals by ITU Member States to WRC-19 and help explain the complex issues on the agenda.

WHO: Mr Khalid Al-Awadi (United Arab Emirates), Chairman of CPM19-2, and Mr Mario Maniewicz, Director of the ITU Radiocommunication Bureau


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