NITDA goes fishing for innovators in south-east as Startup Friday births in Enugu

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Register for StartUP Friday (SUF) Enugu holding 26th of April, 2019:


The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) through its special purpose vehicle, the Office for ICT Innovation and Entrepreneurship (OIIE), is hosting the 12th edition of StartUP Friday (SUF) in Enugu, Enugu State on the 26 April, 2019. The event takes place at The Base, 7/8 Aguleri Street, Independence Layout, Enugu.



Innovators stand a chance to submit their pitch decks and win cash prices. Successful startups will be eligible to attend the OIIE’s 5-Days StartUP Clinic.

The program is in collaboration with hubs and universities in the south-east and it is targeted at bringing together the regional ecosystem stakeholders and also identifies innovators to be further supported by the NITDA.

NITDA’s startups support framework is hinged on funding, mentorship, and global/local exposure among others.

The SUF helps the OIIE to close the gaps among startups, investors, mentors, buyers and other stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Startups at the Enugu gathering are expected to go through a pitching session for possible early stage funding and other supports for the best selected startups. The SUF also offers opportunity for startups to leverage on networking for side pitching and positive exposures other interested stakeholders.

Ultimately, the SUF targets to put startups with commercially viable solutions products within range of potential investors and customers within and outside government  as well as other interested parties seeking to invest or partner to take such solutions to market.

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