Cloudenly set to launch as Nigeria’s first and most extensive unified commerce platform

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Nigeria is about to witness a revolution in business operations with the impending launch of Cloudenly, Nigeria’s first and most extensive commerce-driven platform. This innovation is a product of many years of diverse experience and extensive research on the pain points of business owners who over the years have desired a solution that addresses issues around Retail and Service Operations, Accounting, Partner and Human Relationship Management.

Cloudenly is geared to change the entire business landscape in Nigeria and beyond with its end to end solution dealing with challenges of managing business growth, simplifying operations, enhancing productivity, minimizing waste and fraud, protecting revenue and unlocking business insights needed to grow businesses by making it adaptable to the times.

Ahead of the official launch of Cloudenly, Mrs Oluyemisi Fajinmi, a spokesperson of Scelloo Limited, the technology company behind the new innovation, confirmed that her flagship product, Cloudenly, ushers in a whole new and unified commerce experience; and will offer businesses an integrated cloud business process automation, finance facilitation options, support communities and the knowledge to do much more. It is designed for entrepreneurs, small and large enterprises; and scales seamlessly as the business grows.

According to her, “Cloudenly will be offered primarily as a “Software as a Service” (SaaS) with different plans and packages preconfigured to fit most organisations’ needs. It also offers the flexibility to customize to specific needs should an organisation choose to do so.’’

The Cloudenly Trade Receivable Marketplace offers a collaborative, flexible invoice discounting platform that enables Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), who need to meet pressing financial demands to transact their invoices with financial institutions so as to improve their cash flow and support ongoing operations.

This will generally reduce the negative impact of high account receivables on MSMEs, improve liquidity and overall business health & growth. MSMEs in Nigeria would find the latter particularly beneficial as the development is in line with the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria 5-year Policy Thrust (Section 30: Lending to MSMEs) as published in June, 2019.

She also stated that the solution supports user-based access control, multi-region, multi-currency operations and allows customers set multiple tax policies to cover applicable tax laws for the geographic locations where they operate.

The Cloudenly platform which is hosted on Amazon Web Service (AWS) to guarantee best-in-class cloud computing and security services; automatically provisions and maintains a simultaneous standby in different availability zones within the Amazon Web Service (AWS) infrastructure. This was purposely built to guarantee customer data integrity whilst offering a life-time data retention period.

An upbeat Mrs Oluyemisi Fajinmi was unequivocal that technology has become central to helping organisations achieve operational efficiencies, scale cost, attract competencies, leverage knowledge and reach faraway markets.

Consequently, Cloudenly is an invitation to join a unified digital commerce economy, driven by technology and enabled to seamlessly aggregate all factors of production (Platform, People and Capital) into a single entity, giving businesses a much better chance to thrive.

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