Tanta Secure brings first extended protection for smartphone users in Nigeria

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By Anthony Nwosu

With the increasing number of smartphones in the country, now estimated to be over 70 million, and the rising challenges that come with owning smartphones, Lagos-based Tanta Secure Limited, an emerging IT firm, this September, will be unveiling a smartphone device protection scheme.

Tanta Secure device protection solution is designed for users of smartphones that value their gadgets. Unlike the conventional warranty that is popular in the Nigerian market place, Tanta Secure Solution offers users rest of mind and also the opportunity to have their money back if nothing happens to their protected device over a period of time.

Speaking on the solution, Abraham Tanta, CEO of Tanta Secure said: “we have looked at the market and we have come to understand the wastage in Nigerian mobility space. Subscribers find it hard to get original equipment manufactures’ (OEM) parts and this leads to frustration on the part of the users which resulting from dumping of these products. We have worked out a synergy between us and certified technicians that would take care of these devices at the convenience of the subscribers.”

Looking at the environment and the impact of electronic waste to the environment, the company said that their solution is also focused on protecting the environment and also ensuring that money is saved by Nigerians.  “We are conscious of the environment and the impact of electronic waste and the fact that smartphones constitute the bulk of electronic waste. The Tanta Secure solution will give Nigerians the opportunity to pay a token amount for protecting their smartphones or any device of their choice for a given period of time.  This money paid for protection would be given back to subscribers of the protection plan if nothing happens to their device at the end of the plan. We are trying to bridge the gap in wastage and damage to the environment,” Abraham added.

Another critical aspect that the company is looking at is the selling of original smartphones to Nigerians. With a lot of “copy” smartphones and fake devices in the market, the company has taken it upon itself to sell to Nigerians, original smartphones with the Tanta Secure plan embedded in every device purchased from Tanta.  

Tanta Secure has made its solution easily accessible to prospective users via a mobile app downloadable on Apple and Google Playstore. 

“We have taken phone repairs to a new level in the country. Gone are the days that people try to come to Computer Village or give uncertified technicians their hard earned devices to fix. We have made this easy for Nigerians, with the mobile app; users can use geo-location features in their devices to locate the nearest technician. With the technicians in our network, we have got Lagos covered,” said Tanta’s Director of Business Development, Sam Igwe while speaking on the support system the company has in place.

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