TECNO unleashes Dot-in Display smartphone revolution with CAMON 12 Air targeting youth

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TECNO has unleashed a mobile revolution in the market with its newly launched CAMON 12 Air. The new mobile device is the first smartphone with revolutionary Dot-in Display targeting the youth at an affordable price.

The smartphone design has been entered into full-screen era, all the manufacturers are looking for the most advance technology to improve the smartphone appearance and edge-to-edge ratio to the extreme. However, the most advanced technology is most often applied in the flagship phone, with high price and not always easy to get for ordinary users. For example, the dot-in display, is only available at Samsung S10 in Africa market for a certain period.

TECNO mobile breaks the ice now! The new launched CAMON 12 Air is the first smartphone with revolutionary Dot-in Display targeting to the youth at an affordable sweet price. With the remarkable 6.55 inch and 90% perfect edge-to-edge ratio for excellent low light photography, the user would have unimaginably expansive viewing experience. The striking choice brings brand new enjoyment.

This time, CAMON 12 Air takes the first and unprecedented step. And in the near future, TECNO will launch Dot-in Display product with front camera, to bring any angle nice photography experience with extreme full view screen.

TECNO CAMON 12 Air is the upgraded camera smartphone from CAMON series, and is equipped with 16MP+2MP+5MP AI Max Triple Camera for any angle photography. Ultra Clear Shot / 120° Super Wide Angle / 2cm Extreme Macro Photography / Remarkable Bokeh Effect, offer the consumers chance to seize wonderful moments from different angles to discover more beauty of the world and to see the world much clearer, closer, brighter and wider.

16MP main lens focuses on AI scene detection and AI HDR, covering various common shooting scenarios and offering corresponding AI optimization, user could take more natural and exquisite photos via it.

Within normal scenarios, CAMON 12 Air offers ultra-clear shot by its superior AI Max Triple Rear Camera. The photos taken by CAMON 12 Air would be unimaginably clear and impressive.

The remarkable bokeh effect highlights the main portrait and blurs background sundry, making the portrait the best visual sense.

The secondary lens brings 120° super wide angle shots and 2cm extreme macro photography experience. The user will be able to see the world from a broader perspective, but also capture more detailed beauty around.

It comes true that by utilizing TECNO CAMON 12 Air 120° Super Wide Angle or 2cm Extreme Macro Photography, the consumers will be able to take blockbusters by a phone. And with TECNO CAMON 12 Air, anybody can be a professional photographer.

The other features of CAMON 12 Air includes the Aurora Gradient Design, 32GB ROM + 3GB RAM for smooth and fluent experience, 4000mAh Battery for a longer time as well as the AR sticker covering 220+ facial features and supporting identification across 120°. Light beautification and localization features are also considered. The special customized version of Manchester City Football Club is surprisingly built as amazing gift.

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