NG_Hub showcases 18 startups at ISW2020

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NG_Hub recently unveiled a range of daring solutions to some of the most pressing industrial and consumer problems in multiple sectors at the 2nd edition of its Innovative Showcase Week 2020 (ISW2020) with the theme: ‘The Best of West-African Innovations’ in Lagos.

Created as part of Facebook’s on-going commitment and investment in growing the start-up ecosystem, and in partnership with CcHub, NG_Hub is a multi-faceted space which connects and bring together developers, start-ups and the wider community to collaborate, learn and exchange ideas to equip individuals and businesses to grow.

The 2020 edition brought together 18 startups with business and industry representatives as young and talented Nigerian showcased their solutions to some of the pressing challenge faced in the education, healthcare, oil and gas, data intelligence, fintech, and lifestyle sectors.

Some solutions allowed both parents and teachers to monitor performance of children from primary to tertiary level and identifying topics that they are having difficulties understanding. Other solutions ranged from devices that aid the visual impaired to read without learning Braille language; security surveillance that track movement of suspicious tools and activities; to fully automate and control all electronic circuits from your mobile device and much more.

NG_Hub aims help turn Nigeria into a hotbed of high-tech entrepreneurialism. So for startups and students focusing on advanced technology such as AI, machine learning, and extended reality, NG_Hub is launching an accelerator programme to turn their ideas into reality.

Through mentorship and research, NG_Hub plans to dramatically reduce the time it takes for innovations to come to market.

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