WACC 2020 – Lagos Tech Convergence gathering to focus on ‘Engaging Emerging Opportunities & Challenges’

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The 11th edition of the West African Convergence Conference (WACC) will be focusing on “Engaging Emerging Opportunities & Challenges,” according to organisers of the yearly Lagos tech gathering.

The WACC (www.thewacc.net) is organised by and promoted as an industry-sponsored event by Knowhow Media & Intelligence International Ltd (KMMIIL), publishers of IT Edge News. WACC 2020 and The WACC Seminar hold Thursday, April 30, 2020 inside Sheraton Hotel & Towers, Ikeja, Lagos.

Since 2004, over a decade now, WACC provides a strong framework to articulate on way forward to focus on the opportunities for new skills and employments; as well as to promote the vibrant startup ecosystem where budding entrepreneurships provide the impetus for new economic directions. 

WACC 2020 covers industry verticals that include education, startup innovation, telecoms and Fintech, agrotech and eHealth.

WACC is a veritable platform to identify unique Need Areas for Investment, Collaborations and other Interventions.

The Conference brings together decision makers in government and the private sector, entrepreneurs, professional associations, chambers of commerce, angel investors and fund/market drivers, and leading lights in ICT across the continent to provide and share insight on business, technology and development

“WACC 2020 will be looking at some of the technology trends, Nigeria’s policy shift towards digital economy within the context of ability of government and private sector to ‘engage those emerging opportunities and convert the challenges to real business as well as positive growth values,” said Co-Chairman, WACC 2020 Planning Committee, Dr. Sola Afolabi.

WACC Digital Awareness & Privacy Seminar

This year, WACC is featuring The WACC Seminar as a major side event to help address the digital gaps among public sector officials and provide a basic understanding of the Nigeria Data Protection Regulation (NDPR) and how it affects individuals and organisations. 

“The event will draw attention on providers, whether in the connectivity or software space, as well as across a broad spectrum of other sectors, able to reflect market dynamics, technology disruption to unbundle new services and diverse opportunities in this era of technology and regulatory convergence,”  added Afolabi.

Industry-Sponsored Event

As an industry-sponsored event, WACC has, in over a decade, drawn on the support of industry stakeholders from the public and private sector including the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC), the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), NIGCOMSAT, Galaxy Backbone, ATCON, BCN, Rack Centre Limited, Sidmach Technologies Nigeria Limited, PFS, MTN, Glo, Medallion Communications Limited,  Zinox Technologies,  Qitech Technologies and Access Solutions, among others.

“The WACC Digital Awareness & Privacy Seminar recognises the digital challenges in the public sector and the increasing gaps necessitating practical awareness training for workers within this realm.  The Seminar is designed to address these gaps; further equipped workers who receive store, manage and retrieve data on leveraging and securing digital channels in their respective place of work,” added Afolabi.

Like 2019, WACC 2020 will also be hosting the GITEX Stakeholders Forum (Lagos) where officials of the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), organisers of GITEX Technology Week, will be interacting with existing and prospective GITEX trade visitors. Since 2013, Nigeria has been participating in GITEX led by the NITDA.

NextTech + Convergence Award Ceremony

The NextTech + Convergence Award Ceremony will also old to round up WACC 2020.  The NextTech  Award is an offshoot of the Top 50 Award first initiated in 2006 as part of the indices to measure the: Industry’s most profound influencers; Most Impactful tech solution providers/organisations; and  Best dynamic survivors in Nigeria’s highly tempestuous market.

“The gathering will further provide insights on how regulators are able to leverage industry dynamics to provide proactive regulations across sectors, particularly as technology and industries converge creating once untapped opportunities with new industry leaders re-writing the market rules, and setting new agenda,” said CEO of KMMIIL, Olusegun Oruame.

Speakers at WACC 2020 include regulators, public and private sector top decision makers, academics, researchers and innovators.

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