Christ Embassy’s founder dismisses Black Lives Matter protests as ploy to implant microchips in citizens

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In a shocking sermon televised on Sunday, President of Love World Incorporated, also known as Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, has dismissed the Black Lives Matter riots in the US and other major cities around the world claiming the fiery protests are not about black lives.

The cleric alleged the protests are part of a grand scheme to get rid of the police and implant microchips into Americans and other citizens of the world with a view to controlling them.

Millions of people around the world recently protested the killing of a black man, George Floyd, by police officers in USA. There were fiery riots in several US cities forcing authorities to imposed curfews.

But the Nigerian born Pentecostal preacher with large followings and branches across the world insisted in his massively watched sermon that the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests in USA were fuelled not by racism but a subtle move to implant ‘microchips’ into people in order to control them.

His words: “It’s not about the guy that died; it’s not about ‘Black Lives Matter.’

“It’s part of the game. They want to come in with the alternative method for security – total control with microchips. That’s what it’s about.

“Look at the people rampaging on the streets – they are not black people… It is not about racism.”

Oyakhilome told his audience that police would be ‘disbanded’ and everyone would be forced to have a ‘microchip’ implanted into them among other disturbing claims including allegation that wearing of facemasks posed a health risk.

“Wearing facemasks is dangerous for your health. How can we know this and prescribe it? I have told you of the dangers of social distancing. It’s inhuman. There is no science behind it.”

The cleric provided no evidence for all his claims which may attract sanctions from authorities.

Last month, LoveWorld Television Ministry, the Christian TV channel founded by Oyakhilome’s Christ Embassy, was sanctioned for falsely linking 5G to the coronavirus pandemic by Ofcom, the UK’s communications regulator.

A statement issued by the regulator alleged that programmes aired in early April by Oyakhilome’s LoveWorld disseminated unfounded conspiracy linking spread of coronavirus to the roll-out of 5G networks.   

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