By law, technology companies seeking business in Plateau state must register with PICTDA

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Technology companies seeking to do business with any ministry, department and agency (MDA) in Plateau state are now by law, required to first register and meet the compliance requirements of the Plateau State Information and Communication Development Agency (PICTDA).

“In line with the Plateau State Revenue (Consolidation) Law, 2020 and the rescue administration’s drive towards raising its revenue and streamlining its processes for the purpose of coordination, it has become mandatory that ICT vendors both hardware and software must be registered and certified by PICTDA before they can engage with any MDA of the Government of Plateau State,” reads a statement released in Jos this week by the IT regulatory and development agency.

The statement was signed by the agency’s Director-General, Daser David. The law is designed to allow PICTDA to effectively regulate IT projects in the state and ensure protection of local IT companies in compliance with the regulations for promotion of local content.

The statement further reads:  “While automation processes are really very vital for enabling a lot of government processes and in serving the citizens in a most appropriate way It is very vital that the Plateau State Information & Communication Technology Development Agency (PICTDA) as mandated by the act establishing it be notified and carried along in every automation endeavour of all MDAs of government. 

“The law establishes that every IT company must be registered with the Plateau State ICT Development Agency before it can do business with any MDA of government

“Given the aforementioned, any engagement by any MDA of government with any IT vendor who is not registered and certified by PICTDA is a violation of the Plateau State Revenue (Consolidation) Law, 2020.

“Should further enquiries and clarification be required, please contact the undersigned via email via [email protected].”

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