Sairtel offers free satellite installation kits in Northern Nigeria to drive broadband access

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Unlimited Internet broadband service provider, Sairtel, is offering free satellite installation kits in all the three zones, 19 states, in northern part of Nigeria.

Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Salvation Alibor, said the free offer is targeting to provide internet connectivity for businesses and thousands of residents within its coverage areas.

Alibor told the media in Lagos recently that the initiative was part of the company’s business social campaign to get every individual across the country connected to the World Wide Web.

He said access helps to create wealth, and expand opportunities beyond borders.

His words: “The World Bank says that access to broadband would provide at least 10 per cent growth in GDP. I believe that if we can extend it to the farthest end of this country, we can break poverty. The market that they cannot have in their locality, they would have on the internet.

“The internet for Nigerians has been an issue. I believe that the internet is the level playing field for Africans. It grants us the privilege to compete with other parts of the world on the same plain. The internet grants entrance for development.”

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He said satellite takes services to remote locations where mobile network operators are unable to provide coverage.

“Mobile Network Operators (MNO) have been providing epileptic services so it is difficult to buy services in those areas. But people live there, Businesses are operating there, people’s homes are in those places.

“There are persons who currently are using KA band solutions there and their service provider is pulling out because of the insecurity situation and they can no longer provide service to those people. We want to tell them that we are willing to provide service to them.

“We have equipment and kits from another KA service provider. They can get activated with us. All they have to do is to contact us and we would switch them over. If they do not have our kind of kit, we would give them for the idea is to ensure that people have access to the internet.”

Alibor expressed confidence on the sustainability of its services in terms of low cost and high throughput quality.

“Our focus primarily is to provide unlimited internet broadband that is truly unlimited because a lot of competitors brand themselves as providing unlimited service. But they use Fair Access Policy (FAP) on customers that restrict the use after a period,” said the CEO of Sairtel.

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