6 facts about Focus: Paradigm Initiative’s short film on digital rights and data privacy violations

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Are you aware your digital rights and data privacy have been violated? You too can join the conversation and put a stop to digital rights and data privacy violations. Just in case you are wondering or confused about what these violations are, here are 6 facts about the Focus short film before you see it.

  1. Focus tells the story of the violation of digital rights, data privacy and inclusion in Africa. 
  2. It is a 24-minute short film drawn from Paradigm Initiative’s 2020 annual digital rights and inclusion report dubbed Londa. The report depicts the state of digital rights and inclusion in twenty African countries.
  3. The short film is an exploratory way used by PIN to best impact the society through storytelling while spotlighting key issues plaguing the digital rights and inclusion ecosystems.
  4. It is FREE to watch.
  5. Focus is a co-production of Paradigm Initiative and Up In The Sky Films.
  6. The short film has backing from The Kingdom of Netherlands, the United States Department of States and the Open Society Initiative for West Africa.

Now you know for a fact that you want to see this. 

Watch FOCUS:  https://youtu.be/k0Z8W54USJA

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